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See a doctor
Stay at home

Why change out of your comfy clothes and visit a building full of sick people when you can speak to a doctor, get your diagnosis, and have a prescription in 16 minutes?

For only $7.50/month, you can cover your whole family, save time, money, and stress by using TeleMedicine. 


Did we mention that it doesn't cost you anything to consult with a doctor? Yeah... no cost to call. 



Medical Experts

Board-certified doctors are ready to diagnose what's wrong and prescribe how to get you feeling better, fast.



Your TeleMed doctor can call in prescriptions for you. Let your spouse, friend, or parent pick that up while you stay warm and cozy.

Price tag

How does saving feel?

You've saved time by not having to drive. And you just saved yourself money because a TeleMed consultation costs you nothing.

Cover your family.

Get TeleMed.

Only $7.50/month for the entire family!